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National Business Honor Society

Are you looking for a way to provide honor and national recognition to outstanding students in your business education program? Look no further. The National Business Honor Society is the perfect way to bring greater recognition to your students AND your business education program.

By starting a chapter of the honor society, you will be able to promote and recognize your dynamic students’ academic achievement in business education at the secondary level.

Who’s eligible? Any high school junior or senior who has completed or is currently enrolled in his/her third business course and has a 3.0 (overall) and 3.5 (business course) GPA.

What school can start a chapter? Any public or independent secondary school offering business curriculum reflective of National Standards for Business Education is eligible to apply for a local chapter charter.

Start a chapter today. It’s so easy…you’ll be glad you did!

The National Business Honor Society is an official division of the National Business Education Association. Through starting a chapter your students’ names and school will be recognized in NBEA publications and on our website.


Starting a chapter is very easy. Follow these steps:

1. Review the Start-up Kit. (See link below)

2. Prepare local chapter bylaws using the sample chapter bylaws as a starting point. (See link below)

3. Complete the charter application. (See link below)

4. Submit the charter application, chapter bylaws, and charter fee to NBEA Headquarters

Remember, this is an ideal way to bring more recognition to your students and to your business education program. In these times when business education programs are closing due to funding cuts, make sure you do something to bring more life and promotion to your program. This is one way to bring a great deal of promotion and added value to your program.

Approval procedures will be held periodically throughout the year.  New charter applications must be received by October 1, December 1, or March 1. Therefore, applications received before each of these dates will be held until the next approval date in order for applications to be processed in groups.

For specific question, please don't hesitate to contact the National Governing Council Chairman Maurice S. Henderson at maurice.henderson@emich.edu.


Documents and information for current chapters and establishing new chapters:

Current Chapters

NBHS Chapter Renewal Memo

NBHS Chapter Renewal Invoice and Student List Forms

NBHS Insignia Order Form

NBHS Current Chapters


New Chapters

NBHS Chapter Start-up Kit

NBHS Charter Application

NBHS Sample Chapter Bylaws

NBHS Brochure