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Business Teacher Education Curriculum Guide and Program Standards

Business Teacher Education Curriculum Guide and Program Standards was developed in response to the national demand for education reform. The nation has reached consensus that education must be transformed to meet the needs of an emerging information and service-based society. Business teachers are expected to demonstrate specific skills, apply knowledge, and possess professional qualities as a result of their preparation. Preparing teachers to instruct students with diverse needs who can meet society's demands for high performance has created a new agenda for teacher educators and policymakers. The focus on student performance has yielded a teacher education curriculum that emphasizes monitoring teacher candidates' progress throughout the program and requires specific outcomes -- assessed through a variety of performance measures -- for program completion. This publication can serve as a guide in developing up-to-date, high quality business teacher education programs. Used in conjunction with the National Standards for Business Education, business educators can be assured that their program standards will reflect competencies needed for the new millennium. (4th Edition)

[By the National Association for Business Teacher Education, 57 pages]

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