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Business Education Standards

The National Standards for Business Education
In classrooms nationwide, business educators play a prominent role in preparing students to become responsible citizens, capable of making the astute economic decisions that will benefit their personal and professional lives. Using the concepts described in these standards, business teachers introduce students to the basics of personal finance, the decision-making techniques needed to be wise consumers, the economic principles of an increasingly international marketplace, and the processes by which businesses operate. In addition, these standards provide a solid educational foundation for students who want to successfully complete college programs in various business disciplines.

This collection of national standards is a forward-looking synthesis of what students should know and be able to do in business.

The standards are based on a vision and a set of competencies designed to prepare students to become knowledgeable and ethical decision makers as they fulfill their roles as consumers, workers, and citizens.

The National Standards for Business Education are based on the conviction that business education competencies are essential for all students.

The curriculum as a whole focuses on continuous quality education. Students master the knowledge, applications, and attitudes that will reinforce workplace competencies. This concept is illustrated in the National Standards for Business Education Curriculum Model. Assessment is both a measure of competence and a teaching strategy; what is not mastered at one level becomes the focus of successive learning experiences.

As the nature of work continues to change, business education becomes increasingly important for all students. NBEA and its members believe that if young people are to take their rightful place in society as productive and responsible citizens, they should have the chance to study the principles of business as they relate to their personal and professional lives.

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