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NBEA Professional Journals and Publications
The Business Education Forum, NBEA's flagship journal, offers timely articles on international business, teaching ideas for trainers, technology, trends, current issues, curriculum, business ownership and management, administration and supervision, research, and student organizations. The Forum is published in October, December, February, and April.

Keying In, the official newsletter of NBEA, focuses on timely topics, providing in-depth information that is vital to business educators as they prepare today's students for tomorrow's workforce.

The NBEA Yearbook is published annually in May. This refereed journal focuses on a topic of current interest to business educators.

Special Publications
Members receive substantial discounts on a variety of publications and promotional items designed with the business educator in mind. Check out the NBEA Bookstore for the latest offerings and prices.

Regional Association Membership
When you join NBEA, you automatically become a member of a regional association. The regional associations provide additional educational and networking opportunities for NBEA members, including conventions, newsletters, and more. See our regional map.

Business Education Advocacy
NBEA supports national-, state-, and local-level efforts to ensure that business education is understood and valued by legislators, policymakers, business people, parents, and other critical audiences. NBEA's Legislative Advocacy Committee represents association members through ongoing liaison with Congress, federal officials, congressional committees, state legislatures, and other professional associations. Materials promoting business education are available to assist you in your conversations with these various audiences.

Facts Every Legislator Should Know About Business Education

Facts Every Business Should Know About Business Education

Facts Every Parent Should Know About Business Education

Facts Every Student Should Know About Business Education

Facts Every Counselor Should Know About Business Education

Facts Every Administrator Should Know About Business Education

NBEA College and Career Readiness Position Paper

NBEA College and Career Readiness Flyer

NBEA Business Partnership Flyer

Annual National Convention
All members receive a discount on the registration fee for the NBEA Annual Convention.

Annual Regional Meetings
All members receive a discount on the registration fee for the regional conferences.

$250,000 Professional Liability Insurance
Know you are protected from the high cost of legal actions filed against you arising out of your duties as an employed educator by $250,000 professional liability insurance included automatically with your professional membership (U.S. residents only). Upgrades to $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 are available for a small annual fee.  For specific information to upgrade coverage, contact Forrest T. Jones Company at 800-821-7303.

Group Insurance Programs for NBEA Members
For peace of mind through quality protection, NBEA sponsors a number of excellent insurance plans through Forrest T. Jones Company, Inc. You may access information about programs available in your state by clicking on the link above. For additional information, you may contact Forrest T. Jones Company at 800-821-7303 to learn more about Term Life, Individual Health Plans, Short-Term Medical, Student Health Plans, Cancer Protector Plan, Long-Term Care, Disability Income Protection, Professional Liability, Private Practice Professional Liability, Automobile Insurance, Identify Theft Insurance, International Travel/Medical, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

Professional Awards Program
Every year, NBEA honors outstanding individuals in five award categories. Visit the Professional Opportunities section to learn more about this year's winners.

International Society for Business Education (ISBE)
The U.S. Chapter of ISBE offers an important connection to the international business community. Membership in this organization will give you a global perspective on business in a rapidly changing world economy.